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Wedding Airbrush Make-Up & Hair Design

Creates a flawless complexion     Photographs beautifully    
Sweat, smudge & tear resistant          Lasts all morning & night     Custom blended

AS FEATURED IN Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding magazine.

Based in Hampshire, covering London and the South-East.

I have been working as a make-up artist and hair designer for over 10 years having been formally trained in all aspects of make-up, special effects and hair design. I have worked as a makeup artist since on music videos, theatre and television.
I specialise in airbrushing and currently, very few make-up artists can offer an airbrushed finish to personal clients such as brides however I am fully trained and some of the services I offer are as follows:
• Foundation Airbrushing
• Bridal make-up
• Bridal hair
• Temporary Tattoos
• Scar / Birthmark / Tattoo Camouflage
What is airbrushing?
Airbrushing is a sprayable make-up that’s as light as air and used by professional make-up artists for over a decade in entertainment, film & television and photography. It gives fabulous natural results with the pass of an airbrush and has fantastic coverage.
Features of Airbrush Make-Up:
Custom blended foundation colours
• Creates a flawless complexion
Lasts all morning & night without re-applying
Sweat, smudge & tear resistant
• Photographs beautifully
Airbrush makeup, and specifically airbrush foundation, differs from traditional makeup in not only the way it is applied but also the finish it gives.
The airbrush foundations themselves are specially formulated to be long lasting, waterproof and lightweight.
The foundations are so highly pigmented that it takes very little product to actually cover a person’s face resulting in most people feeling like they are not even wearing any makeup.
The foundations come in a wide range of colors so it is suitable for all skin tones and types and with the majority of brides we custom blend the shades for a perfect match.